The Move: Preparations

The Move: Preparations

Guys, we are moving house! Time to fill you in... 

Guys, we are moving house! Time to fill you in... 

Guys, we are moving house! Finally, after almost 6 months of searching high and low, we found the perfect new home. In Vienna still, for those who were wondering.

Of course I will keep you updated on the upcoming move (the countdown is already on) and our interior plans, because I love this kind of posts myself. So be prepared for lots of Interior related Blogposts in the upcoming months. Let's get started with some current updates: 

Our Pre-Moving Checklist

  • Find a moving company
  • Agree on moving date
  • Find a new tenant
  • Decide what furniture to keep
  • Sell Clothes & Furniture
  • Buy Wardrobes at Ikea
  • Order new furniture
  • Arrange Internet & TV installation
  • Start packing day by day
  • Clean new house
  • Change of address order


After a decade of moving on our own, schlepping our household from A to B with the enthusiastic help from our patient friends, we decided it’s time to hire a professional moving company.

Ants Trants was our first choice, since many of my friends and colleagues had amazing experience with this moving company. After a personal inspection by the boss himself, we got 60 large boxes delivered (which will also be returned once the move is done) and agreed on a moving date. I will keep you posted on how things went with Ants Trans since some of you might also search for reliable movers in Vienna.

We also decided to sell 60% of our furniture. The plan is to buy less but opt for better quality (this excepts the Ikea Pax Wardrobes, they are just the best). 


With that said I‘m currently on the hunt for nice chairs, bookshelves, lamps and a wooden office desk. I recently discovered Tylko and I think we‘ll place an order soon. And don‘t get me started on my Connox and wishlist. Though I might have to sell a kidney to afford all of this haha
Also a shoutout to the Scandinavian Design House in Vienna – a place for endless inspiration


Speaking of: What would moving houses be without dozens of Pinterest boards, wishlists & Instagram Folders? Boring and uninspiring, to say the least. So when I'm not stuck in the Ikea helpline or packing a gazillion of books, I'm spending hours in the world of Interior Inspiration. Such a joy!

The obligatory IKEA Foodcourt Stilllife... Awful coffee & yummy raspberry tarte that I've been eating there since I was a kid.
+ skull shaped gummibears for on the go (I obviously need lots of sugar to survive a day at IKEA...)

But hej! we managed to buy 900kg of furniture including

That's it for now. Lots of things are going on right now, but I can't wait to finally move & decorate the new house. I'll share more of our Interior plans in the next THE MOVE blogpost. Until then stay tuned on my Instagram stories....


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