My Home Office

My Home Office

Get a first peek into my office - the perfect minimal work space that keeps me calm and collected. 

Here it is: A first peek into my Office. There are still a bunch of things missing (lamps, more art, maybe a new chair...) but I already love working here so so much! Especially the sunlight and the green view makes this office space very serene - though watching the 3 squirrel brothers on the big tree across can be quite distracting haha

However, I kept the Office pretty minimal to create a calming work atmosphere, where I can be productive and let the ideas flow. No jazz that distracts me (besides the Squirrels). I absolutely adore the sturdy oak desk and the little display area, where I keep all the jewelry bits & bobs. 

Office Desk   Made
Chair (similar here) Eames
Plant Pot   Ferm Living
House Bird   Eames
Art Print   Papertown
Kubus Bowl   By Lassen

Plant Pot  (used as Paper Storage) Ferm Living
Wrapping Paper   Die Sellerie
Art Print   Paper Town
Marble Storage Boxes   Two's Company
Sideboard   Ikea

It took me a long time to find an aesthically pleasing clothes rack for the office. One that helps me organize all the new arrivals & pieces I still need to shoot for the blog. The sleek Lume Coat Stand by BeDesign fits my minimalistic aesthetics perfectly and I'm very pleased with how elegant it looks in the room. The lovely Connox Team also gifted me these beautiful black Hangers - and I'm really chuffed with their almost sculptural design. 

BeDesign    Clothes Stand
Connox Collection   Hangers
Shoe Box   Muji 

Storage is quintessential to keep an Office clean and organized. I keep all of my files, ring binder, paper and other tools in the sideboards. 

Sideboard   Ikea
Art Print   Paper Town
Kubus Bowl   By Lassen
Marble Jewlry Boxes   Two's Company
Jewlry Container   Ferm Living
Marble Board (similar here) Menu
Baies Candle   Diptyque
Sundazed Perfume   Byredo
Candle   Volta
Pinboard    Ferm Living
  1. MADE Oak Desk 
  2. EAMES Chair (budget here)
  3. HAY Bits and Bobs Container
  4. MUJI Calculator
  5. IKEA Pencil Cups
  6. HAY Glass Container
  7. MUUTO Leaf Table Lamp
  8. DIPTYQUE Verveine Candle
  9. MAJORLEIN DELHAAS Classic Planer

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