Living Room Tour

Living Room Tour

The wait is finally over. Here's an exclusive glimpse into our new home, more precisely: the living room. 

The wait is finally over. Here's an exclusive glimpse into our new home, more precisely: the living room. 

Welcome to our new house! Let me tell you: styling this place was such a beautiful journey. Furniture, lighting, art - these are all very personal items. So we didn't want to rush things, instead we decided to take as much time as necessary to find the perfect objects for our living room. And it is still a progress...

Our absolute favorite is the 3m high Bookshelf from Tylko. I've come across this polish furniture shop in my research for minimalistic, timeless sideboards. With the new place we wanted to invest in high-quality furniture, pieces that could last longer than a few years and would grow with us. The two Tylko pieces we've ordered did not disappoint. The quality of the wood is just amazing and if you think Ikea is easy to assemble you clearly haven't tried Tylko yet. And everything is 100% customizable, which is an enormous plus if you have lots of thiny corners or crooked walls like we have in Vienna. 

Another dream is the reading chair, which almost broke the internet haha. No honestly, it's already a star on Pinterest and I can totally see why. It's not only the design - sitting there, lighting a candlle, reading a good book or staring out of the giant windows gives me so much joy. Can't even describe. 

  1. TYLKO Bookshelf 
  2. BOLIA Grape Lamp
  3. WESTWING Reading Chair
  5. DIPTYQUE Travel Candle
  6. SCARLETT JOHANSSON by Russel James Photography

Soooo obsessed with the black sideboard. I think it looks so good with the wood elements and it's a divine contrast to the white-washed walls and old double doors. I also adore the marble table lamp so so much - might get the pendant version for my office...


Connect Sofa   Muuto
Linen Cushion   By Mölle
Wool Cushion (similar here) Elvang

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Ninety Coffee Table   Ox Denmarq
Marble Board   Muuto
Scented Candle   Ikea
Reading Chair   Westwing Collection
Vase (similar here) Andrea Kollar

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