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get to know my brain ping-pong and learn about edgism. after the click.
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Parka – Adidas Originals (courtesy of Zalando)/ Sweatshirt – Boy London/ Leather Skirt – Hennes&Mauritz/ Heels – Zara/ Beanie – American Apparel
as I told you a couple of days ago I was asked by an Online Magazine to style my new Parka in 2 different ways.
well this is definitely my favourite look: the easy chic.

sweater, heels & leather skirt = comfy feminine edgism (watch out: word invention!).

I also had to do a little interview for the feature and oh boy here it was –
the question no fashionblogger likes to answer: How would you describe your style?
yikes. that’s almost as bad as „how do you see yourself in 10 years“, which by the way I also had to answer … yikesyikes
It took me ages to answer a couple of these questions and it was such an unsatisfying situation.
as an actress I have to do a lot of interviews but I must confess that I’m still not used to it.
most of the time I just have no clue what to say. the right words are playing ping-pong in my brain and I can’t catch them.
It appears to me that I always choose the semi-right answer. damn.
especially when it comes to my personal style I have hardly any words to describe it.
all I know: the clothes I wear have to tell a story. otherwise I’m bored.
that’s all I know. pingpong.

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