Closet Treasure: Black Minimal Bags // Details on
Black Minimal Bags // Details on

SHOPPING. A peek into my closet might not only tell you that I have a soft spot for black (and swedish wardrobe systems) but also that I like to invest in timeless classics. Despite my evergrowing seasonal wishlist there are a few classic pieces on my list that are worth a sartorial treasure hunt. If you’ve ever heard about a friend’s friend who has a friend that frantically creates wishlists & alerts on Vestiaire like there’s no tomorrow, well that friend would be me then…

But as the phrase says: Good things come to those who wait! And yes, sometimes you have to wait a little while. It took me about 1 year and several alerts to find the perfect Faye and three months to get my hands on Saint Laurent’s Université Bag BUT purchasing a preloved luxe bag for the fracture of the price is so so worth the wait. Hey it’s almost like fishing: Lake + Bait + Wait = Fish
However, my new object of desire is a neutral coloured suede bag. Still can’t decide whether I should go for the brown Dionysus or the beige Faye in Medium. Any thoughts?

– In Collaboration with Vestiaire Collective


Amazing collection! Also dreaming about that Gucci and Chloe!

Simone said...

Sowohl die Dionysus als auch die mittelgroße Faye wären eine tolle und klassische Investition. Ich warte gerade noch auf den richtigen Köder damit die schöne, beige Faye zu mir kommt ;) Bin gespannt welche es bei dir wird. Viel Erfolg beim Fischen <3

MIRJAM said...

Ganz tolle Sammlung – die Dionysus ist einfach der Hammer – schmachte sie an, seit meine Kollegin sich eine gekrallt hat :-)
xx. Mirjam //