A bit more navy...

A bit more navy...

Going through my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago I figured that I don't own respectively wear any Navy pieces. How come? I've asked myself and grabbed this Filippa K Wool Jacket. In a midnight blue shade, for a subtle start. 

Let's forget the old fashion rules, saying you can't pair black and blue. I think a bit of navy breaks up an all-black Outfit really nicely. I really wanna incorporate more blue in my wardrobe, like blue denim and stuff. I own quite some nice Jeans but I mostly wear the black or grey ones. Challenge accepted. 

Wool Jacket (mulesing-free merino wool) Filippa K
Cotton & Silk T-shirt   H&M
Leather Trousers (sustainably produced) Filippa K
Handbag   Agneel
Leather Sneakers (sustainable) Flattered
Signet Ring   Mango
Line Ring   Ariane Ernst
Socks   Muji 

Obsessed with these unisex Sneakers by Stockholm based brand Flattered. All shoes are made in Spain and the Sneakers are made from Eco Cotton, Eco Rubber and chrome-free Leather. Spring Sneakers sorted!

Jacket   Filippa K
T-Shirt   H&M
Leather Pants   Filippa K
Bag (similar here) Agneel
Sneakers (sustainable)  Flattered
Sunglasses   &Otherstories

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