10 Pieces I currently wear on repeat...

10 Pieces I currently wear on repeat...

My Closet Top 10 on high rotation.

My Closet Top 10 on high rotation.

There are things in my wardrobe which are "good to have" and then there are those pieces that I instantly grab when I don't know what to wear, clothes that are simple and give me a good feeling. These are the pieces I tend to wear on repeat and today is their moment of glory. Here are the 10 nominees: 

  1. ARKET Black Oversized Blazer
  2. RE / DONE Stove Pipe Jeans
  3. MUJI Socks
  4. ARKET Cashmere Blend Jumper (recycled yarn)
  5. NINETY PERCENT Oversized T-Shirt  (sustainable, white here)
  6. ARKET Tailored Trousers
  7. EDITED Quilted Coat 
  8. &OTHERSTORIES Cropped Cardigan 
  9. H&M Ribbed Longsleeve
  10. FRANKIESHOP Padded Tank Top 

To be honest I thought it would be harder to pick just 10 pieces that I wear on repeat but there were about 7 pieces that instantly came to my mind and for the rest of the bunch it took me quite some time to evaluate if they'd deserve the Top 10 spot. 

As for pants I could never ever part with my black Re/Done Jeans. I bought them a couple of years ago and wear them at least 1x per week. I've worn them so so much, that the quite hefty price tag is 100% justified (as I might like to think). If I'm in the mood for something more tailored I grab the Arket Trousers (or my Leather Pants, which would be in my Top 12). 

If I need it extra cozy (aka literally everyday right now) I either wear my Oversized Cashmere Jumper (which definitely needs some razor action asap) or my Cream Cardigan. And my beloved Muji Cotton Socks, which I might or might not own in all colours of the rainbow... 

Another mega favorite of mine: the Hopsack Blazer. I mean, my life would literally be not complete without a black Blazer. I wear it with jeans, slip dresses, leather pants (as you see on the right) or shorts. If Patrick and I leave the house these days (current highlights: groceries and dog-walks), I usually wear my Padded Coat. Perfect for the not-too-warm-not-too-cold temperatures. 

Last but not least: my Top 3 Tees & Tops. The ribknit longsleeve is probably the youngest member in my closet and I've worn it a lot in the last weeks. It's a great layering pieces, because it adds some texture to monochrome looks. And I like the Vanilla colour. 

Another not so ordinary top is the padded shoulder tank, which the lovely Frankieshop Team gifted me last Christmas. It's a bit tricky to wash (I constantly loose my shoulder pads haha) but I still love to wear it so much, so I don't care.

And for those of you who love super simple basics as much as I do: the oversized T-shirts from Ninety Percent are my jam. Sustainable, comfortable and affordable. What a great piece.

Should I do an Edit with all the acessories (shoes, bags, jewels) I wear on repeat? Let me know on Instagram


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