One pretty smart TV

One pretty smart TV

Imagine a framed art work that can also stream Netflix, Youtube and hundreds of international television channels. Well, time to meet The Frame

Digitorial created for   Samsung
Photography   Patrick Boecker & Carola Pojer

When it comes to my home, I've learned two major things during Quarantine:

1) a tidy, minimalistic living room is quintessential for my sanity. I really need a space where I can breathe and let my thoughts flow and the cleaner my surroundings are, the happier I am.

2) nothing cheers me up more than a movie night on our sofa, a glass of rosé (preferrably with a side of Ben & Jerry's) and a flood of candles while binge watching a mindblowing Netflix documentary on a ginormous TV screen.

Let's be honest the nature of a TV is more practical than aesthetic-driven, unless you are just like me and suffer a “zero-tolerance to hideous interior pieces”. In this case you might wanna find a Television that is both good looking and fulfilling all your tech-nerd dreams? With that said I came across THE FRAME by Samsung a couple of years ago and was stoked right away. And now it is finally mine – a fact that is as exciting as an annual supply of Ben & Jerry's...

Imagine a framed art work that can also stream Netflix, Youtube and hundreds of international television channels. Yap, that is The Frame. When you enter the room it very much looks like a 55” painting, thanks to the No-Gap Wallmount and the interactive Art Gallery.

From there you can choose between thousands of photographs, paintings and illustrations (either with passepartout or without) – or even customize it with your own photos (I went for a picture from our New York trip). This will give you the illusion of an art piece rather than a Smart TV.

Another aesthetic plus is the tiny cable that connects the Frame and the smart box, so gone are days of countless cable and wire snakes sizzling around the living room...

when the Frame is in Art Mode the Brightness Sensor automatically balances the screen’s brightness and colour tone to perfectly match a traditional art piece. Wow.

Oh and yes, the Frame has a direct Netflix button on its remote control, which is equally exciting as the unique QLED technology that treats the eyes with 100% colour brilliance. Means: over a billion cinematic colours, deep blacks and brightest whites are shot at our brain cells.

Honestly, I've never seen a more detailed image on a Television in my life. Not even in the chicest hotels. Which also means, I can never go back to normal. That's for sure. Well I guess I don't have to...

The Frame Smart TV   Samsung
Soundbar   Samsung
Sideboard   Tylko
Table Lamp   &Tradition
Vase   Andrea Kollar
Twisted Candle   Lex Pott
Plant Pot   Ferm Living 

No Sound of Silence

this sophisticated sound bar is wrapped in premium Kvadrat textile (=danish quality) and has a built-in voice-assistant. Alexa will be delighted to change the channel, search for movies or play your favorite Spotify list.

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