3 Reasons for more Vintage Shopping I More on viennawedekind.com

I am a big fan of vintage shopping, online and offline. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are preloved treasures (like my latest addition, the Chanel Jersey Bag) and hunting them down was so much fun! There are many reasons why you should consider secondhand shopping as a new way to buy, but let me give you my Top 3.

Here are 3 reasons why you should by more vintage:

1. You’ll get more for less
In the past years I got really tired of trends and shifted more towards timeless pieces. I started to invest in high-quality basics and accessories. To be honest, designer stuff* comes with a hefty price tag so why not buy it secondhand? Especially when you opt for a designer bag you’ll get more for less. Such classic bags usually don’t loose their value and in many cases the preloved bag is as good as new. Score!

3 Reasons for more Vintage Shopping I More on viennawedekind.com

2. You’ll find exciting pieces that no one else has!
Honestly this is one of my main reasons for vintage shopping. Investing in a bag, shoe or garment that is not „in fashion“ or „on trend“ can be so much more fulfilling because you can be 100% sure that not 10 other girls will wear the same thing on the street…

3. Each piece tells a story
If you’ve read my bag lovestory from the last post you’ll know what I mean. Each piece in your wardrobe should mean something to you, connect you with memories and feelings. A vintage piece already has a story to tell and this makes it even more special.

Convinced? If you’re now in the mood for some Secondhand Shopping I’d love to invite you to theWedekind & Heroes Pop Up Fleamarket in Vienna, this Saturday 10.00 – 18.00, Kandlgasse 15/7. More details on our Facebook Page. See you there!

* designer stuff doesn’t equal quality. It always comes down to the materials.

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