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Currently trying to get on top of my skin, which hasn’t been that great lately. It might be the mix of stress, blue lights (= due to all the computer work) and lack of hydration that I’m dealing with lots of breakouts right now. As the Wedding comes closer, I need to step up my skincare game and give my face a little extra love. So here’s the skin food & care routine I’m currently trying to master, maybe you’ll find some helpful tipps too:

Skin Food I More on
Skin Food I More on

Trying to drink as much water as I can. Usually 2-3 litres.

Using my new Jade Roller on a daily basis. It relaxes my face muscles + I’m obsessed with its cooling effect.

Treat your eyes right! Massaging the eye area and add some extra hydration with the Chanel Blue Serum Eye. Feels sooo refreshing. Perfect for tired eyes.

Change Pillows frequently – at least once a week.

Start using supplements to improve skin health. I’m currently testing Skin Food, one of the Dr. Barbara Sturm supplements for clear and radiant complexion. Just started 2 weeks ago, so I can’t tell a lot of difference yet but I hope to see changes soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Say bye to dry. Stepping up the hydration game with the Niod Hydration Vaccine. It is very rich and thick, so I’d advice you to only use a fingertip of this formulation.

Eat less sugar (let’s just say my fav ice cream doesn’t count, ok?) and reduce time in front of the computer.

Protecting myself from environmental stressors in the air and blue light radiation (coming from our computer & phone). The Anti-Pollution Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm strengthen the dermis’ defenses, neutralize airborne heavy metals and reverse inflammation, dullness and premature aging caused by pollution. These drops are exactly what I need right now!

Any other tipps to improve the skin? Have you got any experience with Skin Food? I wanna know!

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