8 Helpful Tips to organize your bathroom cabinet

8 Helpful Tips to organize your bathroom cabinet

get your bathroom organized the most efficient way!

get your bathroom organized the most efficient way!

I don't know about you but for me Fall/Winter stands for Home Organization! It's getting cold outside and we spend much more time indoors, so it's quintessential to feel good in your own four walls, right? 

Especially now that a baby is on the way I'm highly motivated to go through each and every room and get everything organized. Starting with my bathroom cabinet. Today I'm sharing 8 tips & tricks how to organize your bathroom the most efficient way: 

1. Take Everything Out
and I really mean everything. It's the best way to get a great overview of all your belongings and you're able to start fresh!

2. Give it a good clean
oh how satisfying a super clean cabinet can be! make sure to also pay attention on your containers, boxes and any other storage items. I usually dust everything first before I use cleaning products. 

3. Build sections
divide your products into different categories like skincare, beauty, hair, bath, masks, nails, bits&bobs. As a result you'll be able build sections in your cabinet for each category. This will give you a perfect overview in the future and will keep your bathroom neat and tidy. 

4. Investigate
hey beauty sherlock, time to take a look at every single product! investigate:
- is it still usable or maybe it has expired (usually beauty stuff lasts 6-24months)?
- do I use it on a daily basis?
- if not: how often do I use it?

Remove all the products you haven't used in over a year, get rid of "just in case" products (like lip/nail colour you never use or that are simply not your taste)

5. Clean your products
clean the products you wanna keep. some containers and tubs can get quite nasty throughout time. now is also the perfect time to clean your brushes!

6. What's missing?
write a list of products that need replacement (new cotton buds? sun cream? nail file?)

7. Add Containers
if you haven't used containers before, I can highly recommend to do so. Most of my storage gear is from Muji, WestwingNow or Arket. But I also use empty Diptyque candle jars for my brushes and mascaras and small cardboard boxes for masks and bath oils. Just look around and see what you might find and recycle...

8. Time to reset
now comes the best part: put back all your freshly organized stuff. put the things you don't need on a daily basis (like face masks, suncare, extra products) on the upper shelves and everyday stuff within your reach. 

Have fun and enjoy your new bathroom!

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