The Skin Transforming Kit

The Skin Transforming Kit

3 steps to glowing skin with MDO

Digitorial in collaboration with   MDO
Opinion & Concept   Carola Pojer
Photography   Patrick Boecker

Confidence starts with your skin. Feeling good about yourself and how you look can really affect your mood and how you approach others. To be honest I've been struggling with my skin for quite some time now, trying everything that would help me improve my stressed skin situation. Especially in Winter, when the air is particularly dry, I really need a glow boost. Otherwise I look like I haven't slept for days... When MDO asked me if I wanted to test their new 28-day skin transforming kit I didn't think twice. YES – let's give it a try!

MDO is the new skincare program found by celebrity dermatologist Simon Ourian, M.D. - who owns the famous EPIONE skin clinic in Los Angeles. Clients like Lady Gaga, the Kardashians and Hollywood actors are trusting him with their skin and now he finally offers the same experience to women around the world. The three-step skin transforming kit  promises a radiant appearance and healthy skin within 28 days*. It works to restore your skin's natural balance, improves texture and brightens your skin with a noticeable glow. But how does it work? Time to investigate:

Confidence starts with your skin. 


First of all: the transforming kit looks pretty damn chic, I must say! The black packages with a touch of gold deserves the spotlight in my bathroom. I also like the matte finish and the haptic. Very sophisticated.

The Cleanser is a mild and skin-friendly cleansing milk that is applied on dry skin. Yes, that might sound weird at first but you'll get used to it. It's like applying SPF - only that you'll rinse the product with cold water, once you've distributed it thoroughly.

detox extract from agrimony that tones the skin
anti-stress complex consisting of panthenol, bisabolol and ginger that soothes skin
for all skin types, including sensitive skin


STEP 2 – THE EXFOLIANT (1x per week)

The exfoliant is my favorite product from the transforming kit. It's an innovative scrub with 10% fuit acid which gently removes dead skin. I love these kind of treatments because it always gives me that fresh, refined feeling! Like new bed sheets or a slice of freshly baked bread. Well, you get the gist...

The Exfoliant comes in a tiny black tube (4 in total) and refines the pores, evens the skin and makes it smoother. Apply it once a week, ideally before going to bed. Wait ten minutes, then rinse it with cold water and proceed with the Serum. Such a home-spa moment.


The last step is pure joy for the skin! The Serum is an effective active-ingredient concentrate for intensive rejuvenation. This product does exactely what it's supposed to do: it nourishes and makes my skin look firmer and fresher. It's pure heaven to apply it after the fruit acid scrub! But you can also use it under your usual skincare products (every evening and morning).


I definitely see improvements. My skin feels softer and more even, especially after the weekly exfoliant. There is also a bit more radiance on my stressed face, particularly on the forehead and cheeks. Yay! I will definitely incorporate the Serum into my daily skincare routine and see how the skin keeps improving. If you want to boost your skin too, you can order the Treatment Kit here.

Digitorial in collaboration with MDO
Words & Concept CAROLA POJER

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