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Personal Style isn’t just about fashion. It is about your whole world, your believes and values. What you wear, eat & drink, how you style your hair and decorate your home. At last week’s #MadeforMe Talk with John Frieda we’ve talked a lot about Personal Style and how I found my signature look throughout the years. Today I’ll share some thoughts on that topic+ some tipps & tricks on how to find your personal style:

That sounds pretty lame but in order to find your personal style you need to know yourself a little. Are you shy? Outgoing? Do you love nature? Are you a party girl? Are you confident? What music do you like? Are you into art? What kind of art? What inspires you? Is beauty important to you? What makes you happy? What are your fears?
All these questions can help to break down your personality and embrace your personal style.

How to find your Personal Style I Up on
How to find your Personal Style I Up on

That’s what probably helped me most to find my own aesthetic: Find out what you don’t like in order to discover what you like. For example: walk into a store and grab random things. Colourful, monochrome, bold, understated, sparkling, oversized, bodycon – there are no limits. Try everything on and listen to your heart. I know that sounds pretty pathetic but things you really like would touch you in a way. Means: these things would make you feel good, confident and most of all they’ll make you feel 100% Y O U.

Our hair is a very important part of our personal style. It tells other people an instant story about you. Like a puzzle. Your hair can hide or reveal your face. Play with contrasts and moods. As a toddler I had super short – almost boyish hair. I was super energetic and adventurous and the hairstyle reflected that perfectly. As a teenager I had the feeling that I didn’t fit in. I grew up in a very small town and I always felt limitations. Things I couldn’t do, words I couldn’t speak, decisions I couldn’t make. So I dyed my hair in bright orange as a rebellious act. Haha

How to find your Personal Style I Up on
How to find your Personal Style I Up on
How to find your Personal Style I Up on

Then I had shoulder-long hair for a very long time until I found out, that I feel most like myself when I got chin-long hair. It’s right between feminine & masculine, casual and put together. Just like my taste in fashion. I love to play with contrasts and always try to keep everything in balance. When I wear a girly dress (like the one on the picture) I tend to keep my hair sleek. To achieve the perfect wet hair look I always use the John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Masque. It’s honestly the best! As I often wear oversized, almost masculine Outfits I like to balance that out with some undone/messy waves – which brings some feminine elements into the look. Try to find out what hair styles you like on others (like your friends, celebrities, social media, magazines) and evaluate if that style would go with your personality/daily needs/wardrobe. That will definitely help to find your signature look.

How to find your Personal Style I Up on
How to find your Personal Style I Up on

Inspiration is everything! I’m a sucker for mood boards – offline and online. I love to collect pictures I like and then print them out to create a huge inspirational wall. It really helps to figure out your own aesthetic. You can collect your favorite hair styles (I do that a lot for e.g. the festive season), Fall/Winter fashion, architecture, color combinations… just everything that speaks to you! I love to create different folders on Instagram and Pinterest – they really reflect my personal style and personality – and it’s so much fun too!

I hope I could give you some helpful tipps in order to find your signature look. Don’t ever forget: Always dress for yourself! Your personal happiness and confidence is all what matters, so don’t care too much about others.

In Collaboration with John Frieda // all opinions and ideas are my own

Patricia said...

Hi there, I just want to say that I appreciate the cute and original way you have showcased the products you are advertising in this blog post – the photos are great!

Areli said...

Oo I love the idea of making a mood board to help my find my personal style, I’ve been struggling with that recently but I’m loving finding out what looks great on me and what doesn’t!
Areli | InclusiveRepublic

    Yes, definitely try to do one! It’s really helpful.

    xx, Carola