The Scents of Summer.

Summer Scents 2019 I More up on #summerscents
Summer Scents 2019 I More up on #summerscents
The Scents of Summer.

6 fragrance and skincare favorites that smell like summer on your skin... 

sense memory - an emotional recall linked to a certain smell  

I'm kind of obsessed with smells and sense memory. Every season I have a bunch of scents that remind me of that certain period. Like Winter - freshly baked cookies, evergreens, black tea...
My summer 2019 smells like fig leaves, freshly mowed grass, lemons and lavender. Let's dive into the scents of summer and talk about my absolute favorites: 

Summer Feels I More up on #summerscents

Sundazed   Byredo

I'm a huge Byredo fan, not only because of the beautiful packaging but mostly because of the brand's fresh fragrances. Sundazed smells like mandarin and Californian lemon with a bold heart of neroli and Arabian jasmine. The unexpected dash of cotton candy makes it an ideal summer fragrance.

Under the Lemon Tree EdT   Replica

Another citrus scent - another summer favorite. Usually I'm not really into lemons (except my hot lemon water in the morning) but Under the Lemon Tree is just a dream on a hot summer day. Fresh notes of citrus mixed with green notes of coriander and tea leaves. What an incredible mix!! 

Organic Body Scrub   Vielö

Organic Skincare made in Austria! Using only natural and unprocessed ingredients, Vielö is dedicated to a more sustainable approach to beauty. All the products are based on whey. This might not be for everybody (you have to get used to the smell) but it leaves your skin nourished and exfoliated - in the most organic way. 

To be seduced by the sun in a state of summer bliss. To bask in the freedom of solar worship, a place where time stands still. 

Summer Scents 2019 I More up on #summerscents

Summer Scents 2019 - Byredo Sundazed I More up on #summerscents

Summer Scents 2019 I More up on #summerscents

Scented Candle   Diptyque

Currently on my office desk: the Feuille de Lavende travel candle by Diptyque. I always light a candle when doing my emails or writing a blogpost. That’s been a ritual for years now, even in summer. The lavender scent has a calming effect and helps me concentrate. Such a nice, subtle smell. 

Supreme Balm Cleanser   La Prairie

To be honest this cleanser was a generous gift from La Prairie but if you ever get the chance to try it, I can‘t recommend it enough. The new formula turns the creme texture into a milky emulsion and removes makeup carefully. It leaves my skin super hydrated after the cleanse and I adore the fresh, cottony smell.

Illusione EdP   Bottega Veneta

As you might have noticed on my Instagram channel, I've been to Puglia recently, to celebrate the launch of Illusione, the new Bottega Veneta scent.

Let me tell you: I‘m extremely picky when it comes to Fragrances but this perfume is everything!! I‘m wearing it constantly and even Patrick (another picky nose) is obsessed with the male scent. So good.

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Summer Scents 2019 - Bottega Veneta Illusione I More up on #summerscents

Summer Scents 2019 I More up on #summerscents

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