La Riviera

La Riviera

that holiday feeling.

Asymmetric Wrap Shirt   &otherstories
High Waisted Linen Shorts   &otherstories
Shoulder Bag   Bottega Veneta
Earrings   Edited
Flip Flop Heels   Mango 

The excitement of endless summer nights.

Pretending I'm on vacation, just like everyone else on my IG feed, channeling those Riviera vibes the best sartorial way while I’m obviously stuck in the Viennese city heat. 

But that doesn’t stop me from embracing that holiday feeling. The excitement of never ending summer nights. The joyful post-dinner walks on stone promenades, still warm from the sizzling Italian heat. the tiny sand crumbs you’ll find between your toes. 

High waisted linen shorts, flip flop heels and asymmetric cotton shirts - this is my idea of an Italian summer uniform. Sometimes it only needs a great Outfit and some imagination. Magnifico. 

Wrap Shirt   &otherstories
Linen Shorts   &otherstories
Leather Bag   Bottega Veneta
Flip Flop Sandals   Mango

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