First days of Knitwear...

First days of Knitwear...

soft whispers on your skin. oversized wool kisses.

Photography Patrick Boecker

Back to knits we go and I'm not gonna lie: I'm quite chuffed about it. The feeling of wool an my skin accompanied with not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather is my absolute favorite. So bring on the oversized sweaters and cardigans and let's welcome the first days of knits. 

Oversized Sweater (similar here & below) H&M Studio Collection
Black Dress (similar here) H&M Studio Collection
Handbag   from my grandma
Chunky Boots (alternative here) H&M Studio Collection

Chunky Sweater (similar here) H&M Studio
Handbag   Vintage
Boots (similar here) H&M Studio
Earrings   All Blues 
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