A Work Week Diary

A Work Week Diary

A peek into my daily business with the new HP Elite Dragonfly

Digitorial in collaboration with   HP
Photography   Carola Pojer & Patrick Boecker

A peek into my daily business with the new HP Elite Dragonfly

Digitorial in collaboration with   HP
Photography   Carola Pojer & Patrick Boecker

MONDAY 20.1.2020


Starting the week in my Office. Before I have the first meeting with my team, I try to get an overview of the week's to do's and what's on my agenda. I have to confess, that I'm a huge list maker. You might even call me a list maniac. Thank god for tech-buddies like the HP Elite Dragonfly, which helps me to stay organized by hosting all my Weekly Planers, Calendars and To Do documents, that I religiously create on Word, no matter what.

This gives me the chance to highlight all the different tasks, like travels, business meetings, deadlines, all the postings that need to go live. Aditionally I use the Trello App to keep up with all my tasks and collaborations. You can set alarms, follow-up reminders and other useful tools + you can tick off finished tasks, which is always the best thing.

9.30 am // TEAM MEETING

With the Notebook in my bag and a head full of ideas I'm sprinting to our team meeting. Today we gather at a café and while I'm waiting for my 2nd coffee (well, it's monday) I go through all the security systems of the Dragonfly Notebook. You can choose one of three autentification factors, like fingerprints or facial recognition which gives you an easy & personalized access to your device.

Once we are loaded with caffeine, we go over the agenda. What photo shootings need to be done this week? Are there any travels? Meetings? Collaborations? We scroll through latest fashion news and and hammer notes into our documents. Thanks to the ultra-quiet keyboard no one around us will notice our manic monday meetings, which is definitely a blessing for all of us. By the way: the feature Patrick loves the most is the Spy Mode, which closes the HP camera shutter for maximum protection.



The day begins with a skype call with my agent Eva. Especially during fashion month, when there's a lot of different tasks on the plate, we try to do regular update calls. In this case the Tent Mode of the HP Elite Dragonfly comes in pretty handy. It gives you a crisp and clean view (1000-nit ultrabright display) of your dialogue partner and thanks to the Full HD I almost feels like Eva is in the same room...


− After the skype conference it's time for some emails and editing. To prevent myself from distractions (= meaningless scrolling through IG) I always put my mobile phone where I can't reach it. I also try to keep my desk neat and clean with makes me focus more on my Notebook and the work.


Heading into town for a meeting. The best thing about the Dragonfly Notebook is its barely-there weight (= only 1kg, thanks to the super light Magnesium shell). This makes it an ideal business travel partner because it fits in any bag without causing bruised shoulders. Plus it gives me the ability to check my mails & prepare for a presentation even on the tram.

WEDNESDAY 21.1.2020

10:00 am // PRODUCTION DAY

Today we produce a campaign and shoot a Look for the Blog. Before we head into town we go through some Moodboards we've created in advance. By turning the Notebook into Tablet Mode we can easily swipe and scroll through all the inspirations or use the HP Rechargeable Active Pen to add some notes.

THURSDAY 23.1.2020

9:00am // RESEARCH DAY

Especially before fashion weeks or business trips I spend a lot of time researching moods and trends. I'll go through Lookbooks and Campaigns that agencies and brands sent me, picking out samples for upcoming shoots and events. While doing this I usually listen to some Music (currently Vivaldi Four Seasons) or Podcasts. Did you know that the HP Elite Dragonfly features crisp, clear Audio by Bang & Olufsen and four top-firing speakers? That makes any Spotify Playlist very much enjoyable...

FRIDAY 24.1.2020


I'm leaving for Copenhagen Fashion Week on Monday, so I need to do some Styling for the upcoming shows. I'll go through all the packages that arrived at the Office and try to prepare all Looks for the next days. Fashionweeks are always very hectic so styling in advance has a huge de- stressing effect. I'll take pictures of each look and park them on the Desktop. And if I don't have my phone within reach I can also use the HP Elite Dragonfly for quick snaps.

15.00 am // MANICURE & BROWS

One of the best work-related appointments: getting some beauty fix before fashion week. Yes, somethimes my job requires all the beauty shebang and I'm not mad about it...

MONDAY 27.1.2020


It's monday and I'm heading to the airport, to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week. In my bag: wallet, headphones and my Notebook, which is small enough to fit on the tiny airplane tables. Big plus! With approximately 24,5hours of battery life I can work myself through Europe without even charging... Somehow I tend to be incredibly productive on airplanes, which is quite confusing given the fact that I'm afraid of flying. But I love to write blogposts or prepare emails while being up in the air, it feels very efficient.

TIPP: If your seat neighbour turns out to be quite curious about your confidential emails, you can use the HP Sure View Screen which makes your screen appear unreadable at the touch of a button.


Especially during business trips, when your Hotel or Airbnb offers nothing but local TV channels (Italy, I'm looking at you!), the posession of an ultra fast streaming Notebook (= reliable connection with gigabit-speed WiFi 6) with Netflix access comes in pretty handy. And to be honest: nothing feels more heavenly after a busy day than room service on cozy duvets with a damn good documentary on.

→ Use the HP Elite Dragonfly in Stand Mode to get a TV-like feeling

Digitorial in Collaboration with HP. All pictures & opinions are my own. 

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