All dressed up for... a walk

All dressed up for... a walk

Times have changed. And so has the way we dress... 

Digitorial in collaboration with   EDITED
Photography   Patrick Boecker

To be honest, my daily Outfits consist 80% of Sweatpants plus T-Shirts right now. I mean during this self-isolation phase of life I just can't be bothered with too tight jeans (hello comfort food) and uncomfortable footwear. BUT I promised myself a bit more dignity and got all dressed up for a walk to the park.

And this was basically the best (=only) opportunity to wear my new EDITED Linen Vest and my favorite oversized shirt outside the house. Well, times obviously have changed but why not making running errands the new fashion week? I definitely felt much better and put together while wearing this Outfit. And I promised myself to keep dressing up for groceries and walks. What have you got to lose, bro?

Sleeveless Vest   Edited
Oversized Cotton Shirt   Edited
Leather Trousers   &Otherstories
Tote Bag   Wandler
Necklace 1   Malaikaraiss
Necklace 2    &Otherstoriees
Earrings   Malaikaraiss
Sneakers   Adidas 

Loose shirts, lightweight vests and comfy sneakers = winner look for quarantine days...

Linen Vest   Edited
Shirt   Edited
Bag   Wandler
Sneakers   Adidas

Tote Bag   Wandler
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