Things I've learned from being a Girlboss I Details on

Work hard but don’t be too hard on yourself.
Being ambitious and focused is a good thing as a girlboss, but I’m a perfectionist and therefore my own worst critic. I had to learn to not be so hard on myself and take things more easy. If you can’t accomplish what’s on your to-do list, the world won’t stop turning. Probably nobody would notice anyway… And don’t forget: Tomorrow is another day.

Trust your guts.
I had to make lots of (business) decisions in the past, like whether to collaborate with a certain brand or not, and in 9 out of 10 times my guts were right. Reason enough to always trust my instincts because in the end I have to live with that decision (whatever that might be) and therefore it should feel right. If your brain says „hell yes“ but your guts say „hell no“ you should definitely pay attention to it…

Be Open.
Never say no to something/someone without giving a try. Otherwise you will never experience all the great things that can happen when you think outside the box.

Take good care of yourself.
Being a girlboss is a great thing but it involves A LOT of stress and running around. It’s all the hard work in the blogging background that you usually don’t see but that needs so much time and attention. Hashtag „Pre-production“. Hashtag „Floods of E-Mails“. I’ve had to learn it the hard way that my body needs regular time-outs. These short breaks are vital to stay creative and be the best version of yourself. A nice work-out, a cup of tea or a relaxing spa session gives me the energy to cope with all the stress and daily demands. I also try to eat very healthy and drink a lot of water, which is not an easy task for me, but I’m getting there.

It’s not always ’bout the money.
Don’t get me wrong: money pays our rent/food/bills/fashion-escapades and is therefore important b u t if you want to be successful in whatever you’re doing, you should be driven by passion NOT by money. I’ve turned down lots of job offers although they would’ve been incredibly paid but they just didn’t fit my aesthetics/mindset. In order to be a successful girlboss, learn to say no if you can’t stand behind a certain project. And if one door closes, another one opens for sure.

Be grateful.
Never take anything for granted. Ever! Being able to work as a full-time blogger makes me incredibly proud and thankful. The production of high-quality content is a lot of work and I’m fully dedicated to VIENNA WEDEKIND. Without my passionate boyfriend Patrick, who shoots all the amazing editorials for the blog, all the great brands who believe in my vision & most of all without YOU, my wonderful fans and followers, I wouldn’t be where I am now. THANK YOU! Every day is a challenge that makes life so much fun. Life is a journey, not a destination.

Things I've learned from being a Girlboss I Details on


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