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The first time I’ve probably heard the word Hygge was a couple of years ago in Copenhagen. People told me that hyggelig means cosy and comfortable in Danish. It just describes a feeling of happiness that comes from doing simple things – and this really inspired me to live the hygge way of life.

So what I’m basically trying to do with this Hygge Report is to share my tipps and secrets for a super cosy Winter Time + an extra dose of feel good vibes. And what could be a better start than talking about my Home Spa Essentials? You must know, I’m a Home Spa addict! I try to do it every Sunday, starting with a hot bath, a good book and lots of beauty stuff. But let me take you through my Home Spa Routine*:

Hygge Report: Home Spa Essentials I More on
Hygge Report: Home Spa Essentials I More on

1. I always start with lighting a scented candle. I save the special ones just for this Home Spa Hour and always look forward to enjoying the heavenly smell. My current favorites are:
DIPTYQUE Holiday Collection Candle
RITUALS Green Cardamom Candle
DIPTYQUE Mimosa Candle

2. Next thing is to pick the perfect bath oil. Mhhh there’s nothing more relaxing than the smell of my favorite bath oil mixed with fresh hot water. So good! I’m currently using:
JO MALONE English Pear & Freesia Bath Oil
CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Scented Foam Bath
RITUALS Go with the Flow Bath Foam
CHANEL No5 Velvet Body Cleanser

3. Bathtime = Face Mask Time. Before I hop into the tub I love to apply a face mask. I either choose a nourishing, moisturizing mask or something with a cleansing effect. On high rotation:
BOBBI BROWN Skin Nourish Mask
LUVOS Medical Clay Mask
CHARLOTTE TILBURY Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Hygge Report: Home Spa Essentials I More on
Hygge Report: Home Spa Essentials I More on

4. Another Home Spa Essential: SCRUBS! I love to start the week with smooth, exfoliated skin – and I’m not only talking about the body. I’m obsessed with the Therapy Feet Pumice Scrub by The Aromatherapy. I ‘m obsessed with the wild mint & sage smell and it makes my feet ultra soft. Other favorites:
&OTHERSTORIES Madapollam Body Scrub
Dr. BARBARA STURM Facial Scrub

5. Once I get out of the bathtub it’s time for some extra skin care. Means: Hair treatments, body lotions and moisturizers for a super nourished skin. This is what I’m using every week:
GISOU Honey Infused Hair Oil (read more about it here)
CHARLOTTE TILBURY Magic Cream (basically, I’m using it on a daily basis)
LA MER Moisturizing Lotion
KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment

And that’s it! This weekly Home Spa Ritual definitely makes me relaxed and happy and deserves a place in my hygge report. What makes you feel hyggelig??

Hygge Report: Home Spa Essentials I More on
Hygge Report: Home Spa Essentials I More on

*A big thank you to the RITZ CARLTON VIENNA for being such a wonderful host for this shoot!

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