Put Together...

Put Together...

favorite combo du jour for these last weeks of summer...

Photography   Patrick Boecker

Enjoying the last weeks of summer in my favorite combo du jour: leather shorts and oversized blazers. I must admit that these Culottes have been the best buy I've made in a long time (besides my new tableware, of course) since they literally go with anything. No matter if you pair it with a silk shirt or spagetti tops - you'll always look put together. 

On another note I'd like to introduce you to my new handbag - made in Berlin. I was looking for a black bag with an interesting shape for quite some time and the halfmoon design of this Agneel bag caught my attention. Supporting local designers can be so much more fulfilling than buying so called "IT BAGs" from renowned fashion houses. You'll always get a product full of love and passion - mostly for a very fair price. Just sayin'. 

Oversized Blazer (similar here) Birgitte Herskind
Spaghetti Top   &otherstories
Leather Culottes (chrome free tanning) Arket
Leather Bag   Agneel
Wrap Sandals   Arket
Sunglasses   Ray Ban

Blazer   Birgitte Herskind
Leather Shorts   Arket
Shoulder Bag   Agneel
Wrap Sandals   Arket

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