The Move

The Move

about the new home, friendly neighbours and the fastest move ever...

about the new home, friendly neighbours and the fastest move ever...

We are in!! Oh boy, what a week this has been. After weeks of preparations, balancing business and stacks of boxes, we've successfully moved house. Everything went as smooth as possible, except that I got sick one day before moving. Classic!

But we already feel so welcome at our new neighbourhood. Everyone is so nice (the neighbour even brought us flowers on the 1st day!!) and we couldn't be happier. Now it's time to settle, unpack tons of boxes, discover the new hood and order a few new things for the home... 

Here are some snippets from the old & the new home + the promised review of our experience with Ants Trans:


I'm still speechless. Thanks to Ants Trans we've experienced the smoothest move ever! 4 men arrived at 11.30, well-equipped with wrapping material, blankets and clothing hangers. While I was posting some clips on Instagram stories, they've wrapped up the entire living room. Epic. The team estimated 2hours for the complete move, but as they had to drive 2 times (where did all the boxes come from??) it took about 3 hours in  the end. But what are THREE HOURS for an entire house?? Ants Trans even assembled the bed, unwrapped everything in the new home and took all the packing material with them. + they were super friendly and in a good mood. I am over the moon and I can recommend Ants Trans to everyone in Vienna, who is searching for a professional "Umzugsunternehmen". 


We've already

  1. unpacked the kitchen (very happy with the new storage)
  2. unpacked all the stuff for the storage room
  3. unpacked all shoes
  4. installed TV & Internet (very important)
  5. been to the record section 
  6. installed lamps and 30% of the shutters
  7. explored the new neighbourhood
  8. found a cute book shop nearby
  9. cleaned the old apartment
  10. handed the keys to the new tenants
  11. sold some more furniture and other belongings
  12. lit some scented candles & watched "Grand Designs"
  13. ordered the obligatory "Moving" Pizza 

We still need to

  1. unpack the bathroom boxes (haven't washed my hair since sunday...)
  2. organize the wardrobe
  3. change all the addresses and notify companies
  4. buy more shutters
  5. order nice lamps for the living room
  6. continue exploring the new neighbourhood
  7. say hi to all the neighbours (we might even bake a hello cake ahaha)
  8. get the new office desk delivered 
  9. find a huge mirror for the hallway
  10. recover :) 

Thank you Antstrans for the smoothest (and smartest) Move ever!! 

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